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Выбор курорта для отдыха Новости Азовья Фотоальбом Продажа земли и недвижимости

Rest at the Azov seaside for guests of EURO 2012

UEFA EURO 2012 will be played from 8 June to 1 July 2012. Thousands of people from different countries are going to Donetsk in June. Donetsk is the city that is at the same time industrial and green of about one million inhabitants. Donetsk is one of the largest city in Ukraine. Donetsk was announced in 1970 by UNESCO as the best industrial site of the world! Donetsk is as well the cultural centre of great importance in the east of Ukraine.

Once you are in Donetsk, you will have wonderful opportunities for travelling, spending leisure time, and recreation not only in the city but also in various nature areas (sea, forests, step).

azovmore.dn.ua invite guests of EURO 2012 to rest at the Azov seaside. There is Azov sea near Donetsk. And everybody can rest some days on the beach.

The Azov seaside will attract those people who like to lounge on soft sand tanning under hot sun rays, to swim in the warm sea, to ride on water attraction in the daytime and than, at night, to have a lot of fun in a cozy café or crowded night club, in a cinema hall watching an action-film or in an amusement park with numerous attractions. Tourists can choose any accommodation to their liking – one of the numerous recreation centers or boarding-houses, kids’ wellness centers and camping, private villas and mini-hotels, which offer to spend holidays with comfort.

If you want to rest, azovmore.dn.ua will help you!

azovmore.dn.ua help with:
- transferring from Donetsk to Azov Sea and back to Donetsk;
- booking the rooms on the Azov seaside;
- planning the rest for you!

More detailed information about rest on the seaside, hotels, photos and so on are available upon request. Prices for apartments are available upon request.

All details you can receive by e-mail. Just contact us.

e-mail: azovmore2011@i.ua

euro 2012, donetsk Azov sea rest Donetsk, Azov


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